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  Our Vision is to impact the residential estate development and to take it to an extraordinary level and we continually aspire to set a new standard for the world to match. Our infrastructure is a perfect blend of beauty and strength. At the core, the idea still remains to provide a world class experience to our ever valued customers.


The management is in the hands of five heads having farsightedness to view the technological advances and to logically and practically implement it by best outcome of their decision after rigorous debate among the directors. The organization works with current and advance technology, design excellence and refined project management techniques with a passion for improvement and innovation.

The man power of Ridhi Sidhi Infracon Private Limited consists of highly technical staffs that delivers their best in every situation and then refines it so as to beat their own previous milestone. On the other hand, we have highly qualified staffs who are well versed in any administrative work and can handle any matter related to documentation with ease. We are well equipped with modern machineries and at par with the technological advances, and have enough of those to meet any challenges. This, combination of Management, Organization and modern machineries makes Ridhi Sidhi an undisputed leader and curves its niche to the top leaving others behind in the race of Builders.

Ridhi Sidhi have generated smiles on the faces of many in the past and are thriving forward courageously with utmost precaution to repeat the same with improvisation; again and again in near future.


Mr. Anup Kumar Choudhary
A man of moral values, down to earth, disciplined, adventurous and futuristic by nature, who quickly adapts himself to new infrastructure and technologies. He is keen to experiment with new things and with his full devotion (under the ambit of rules and regulation without jeopardizing safety). Getting left behind is not in his nature; instead moving ahead and leaving others behind is his motto. He is very simple in his approach but at the same time he is very logical in his ideas. A Pupil / disciple of Pilani, Rajasthan and a Coal Trader cum Builder by profession; settled in Guwahati. He is on to a mission to build dream houses which is affordable to every individual. Tries to win the heart of the people by building for them the most affordable abode using the most extensive information, which he himself gathers by travelling worldwide.

Mr. Balakishan Goyal
A very religious and hardworking person settled in Guwahati. He has a very simple attitude with high moral values and discipline. He is very rigid in his decision which motivates and convinces others, by his good, strong and logical ideas. He is practically armored with vast construction knowledge amalgamated to be a Builder too. He is best known for his remarkable works like the “K.D. Tower”.

Mr. Sanjay Goswami
A very energetic person, who is still young at heart. He has a tremendous dedication towards whatever he does. He is a strict disciplinarian and is always fond of using new and advanced technologies to cater to the needs of his customers and to provide them with cheapest and best alternatives. A live example set by him as a builder; to produce a marvel “The Spring Valley” Resort at Sonapur.

Mr. Narendra Chachan

Mrs. Bela Choudhary

From Directors Desk

Our Slogan is “Luxury with Affordability”. We not only take pride of being the Directors of “Ridhi Sidhi Infracon Pvt. Ltd.”, but also for, we are behind the reason; for touching the core of the heart of our ever valued customers with a million smiles. We always try to deliver a paradise to our customers which gets fabricated and more polished in our next projects because we are on to new things available in the market world wide to match the then prevailing technological advances. We are very happy of possessing a team of employees whose efforts helps us to make the customers dream come alive. They no doubt; deserve an appreciation from us.